GEOLIFT is a high density lifting and stabilizing foam designed for heavy traffic areas. It was developed to lift large slabs and designed for heavy traffic load. Furthermore, GEOLIFT is designed to set in wet or dry conditions with out affecting its foam density.


GEOLIFT is a ground technology that is non-disruptive and eliminates erosion by injecting a hydroinsensitive expanding polymer. This form of chemical grout displaces water that causes the erosion, as well as, stabilizing its base to its load bearing capacity and restoring the concrete elevation to its original form and profile.



  • FASTER COMPLETION. It is 80% quicker than other repair methods. The material hardens in minutes - allowing the repair to be finished in hours compared to days or weeks that the alternative methods require.
  • MINOR DISTURBANCE. High - density polyurethane has a fast acting curing time which can aid in traffic control by reopening lanes within hours after the injection process, reducing the usual delays and inconvenience most methods face.
  • BASE STABIULIZATION. The process of GEOLIFT easily lifts roads and pavement slabs to their original grade and profile, restoring its base to its load bearing capacity.