Rebtrade offers a wide range of innovative waterproofing products ranging from cementitious capillary type, polymer-modified cementitious type, liquid applied membranes, mechanically fastened membranes, PVC membranes, fast-setting water plugs and others.


Rebstop Ultraseal Waterstop System is designed to provide waterstop solution for concrete and masonry construction joints that are subject to water leaks. Rebstop Ultraseal Waterstop is a two-product system composed of Rebstop tubes and Rebinject PU Polyurethane Injection. The system is used for water sealing of below grade construction joints of retaining wall and floor, construction joints of reinforced concrete water reservoir, joints of beams and masonry walls, and other joints or gaps that is subjected to water leaks.


Firecrete is a lightweight, vermiculite based, spray applied fire resistive cememtitious fireproofing that offers high standard physical properties and performance. Firecrete is a passive fire protection that retards heat flow into the structural steel elements that would otherwise loose strength and collapse in the event of a fire.


Rebtrade handles various flooring compounds and treatments such as colored surface floor hardeners, liquid type hardener, epoxy floor coating, and heavy-duty self-leveling epoxy flooring. These innovative products are suitable for use on parking areas, sidewalks, driveways, warehouses, industrial plants, chemical resistant floors, manufacturing plants, etc.


Rebtrade offers various epoxy products and adhesives, suited for a wide array of applications. These include structural epoxy injection, structural bonding epoxy, pile splicing epoxy, epoxy putty, concrete bonding adhesive and plastering adhesive.


High performance cementitious and epoxy resin based non-shrink grouts suitable for use on various engineering applications. Typical applications are general purpose grouting, heavy equipment and machine foundation grouting, structural column base plates, pre-cast and pre-stressed panels, structural repair and retrofitting, anchor bolt grouting and others.


Admixtures enhance the properties of concrete and mortar. Various concrete admixtures are manufactured by Rebtrade, ranging from integral waterproofing admixture (Rebtite L), super palsticizer and high early strength admixture (Rebplast 100), and ligthweight concrete admixture (Rebfoam)