REBTRADE INTERNATIONAL CORPORATION started its formal operations in 1980 as a trading company for specialty construction chemicals, particularly waterproofing and non-shrink grouts. In 1984, REBTRADE entered a manufacturing licensing agreement with an established Swiss manufacturing conglomerate. The thrust; to provide quality products meeting international standards using majority of its components from locally available sources. This created a major advantage for REBTRADE in terms of pricing and delivery, as our competitors sold finished products imported from either USA or Europe.

At present, REBTRADE INTERNATIONAL CORPORATION has more than fifty specialty construction products such as Waterproofing, Waterstops, Fireproofing, Flooring Compounds and Treatments, Adhesives, Non-shrink Grouts, Epoxies, Caulks and Sealants, Concrete Admixtures,  Firestops, Carbon Fiber etc. REBTRADE represents various prinicpal companies from Europe and America. We have also exported our products to different parts of Asia.

We are constantly evolving, as more innovative products are being developed and introduced to the market to cater to all our clients in the construction industry. REBTRADE INTERNATIONAL CORPORATION is now one of the leading manufacturing and trading companies in the country to date.